Internet & Multimedia
 We adapt your cartography so it can be used on other Multimedia Platforms, mantaining it scientific accuracy, that is, once translated and adapted to any media (paper, ebook, video, google maps...) it will have it projection, accuracy, information of the original data.
 Do not limit presentations to technical plan or map, we can adapt it for the map to communicate to your customers and your audience what you want. Rely on our experience.

  • Internet Cartography: google maps, google earth, openlayers ...
  • Thematic maps: historical, political, physical, vegetation, demographics ...
  • Three dimensional views, and photorealistic shading.
  • Historical cartography.
  • Graphics and statistics associated with the thematic map.
  • Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Delivery formats: Freehand, eps, Illustrator, Corel, Tiff, KML, among others.
  • Drawings and computer graphics integrated in the maps to illustrate the topic you want to explain.
  • All maps are supplied open and editable.

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